Tilt and turn windows are the window of choice in Europe, offering both an inward tilt and fully inward opening mechanism. Schnauber’s bespoke timber tilt and turn windows unite a continental aesthetic with modern, proven construction technologies to improve its performance and security. Every window can be fully adjusted during our rigorous design process to adjust its functionality to suit your project.


leaf_element_30European Style

the design of our timber tilt and turn windows can be tailored to suit either a traditional or modern aesthetic.

leaf_element_30Long Lasting

our timber windows last longer than timber naturally would due to our lamination engineering process to improve its strength, and the use of effective coatings.

leaf_element_30Low Maintenance

our windows need only a small amount of work every 5 to ten years to preserve their appearance due to our water-resistant sealants that protect from adverse weather conditions.

leaf_element_30High Thermal Efficiency

our tilt and turn windows have a high airtightness rating and maximize your property’s heat retention.

leaf_element_30High Level of Security

we use a range of modern security features in the production of our tilt and turn windows to protect your property from theft.

leaf_element_30Environmentally Friendly

timber is an environmentally friendly building material that actively absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, helping reduce the effects of global warming.

leaf_element_30Beautiful Wooden Aesthetic

timber is as fashionable as it is functional. Our timber tilt and turn windows use high quality European soft and hardwoods that perform well with attractive grain structures.

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Our windows can be finished with a variety of coatings and the latest in water-resistant paint technology to create an unlimited palette of available colours.



We offer a variety of timbers from engineered softwoods and hardwoods to the latest developments in laminate technology, such as CLT and LVL, ensuring the integrity of your windows.



We use the latest hinges and fittings that match your design, allowing you to adjust the opening style, opening distance, and amount of ventilation offered by your windows.



Our windows are available with both double and triple glazing to maximize thermal efficiency.

How we make our timber windows?

Schnauber goes the extra mile to make your tilt and turn timber window sections look and perform great in all weather conditions. We bring the European elegance to your house or property without sacrificing safety or environmental norms. Our versatile, finger jointed timber is sourced from sustainable forests, crafted with German precision, and made to order so that your high performance timber windows naturally enhance the beauty of your property. With craftsmanship that is calibrated for efficiency and skill, our manufacturing leaves minimal carbon footprint, and your hardwood timber windows acquire great thermal insulating properties, durability and finish. Schnauber offers ample choice in colours, CLT or LVL laminate materials, double or triple glazing for controlling the ‘u’ factor, and the most modern safety mechanisms to give you the best of today’s made-to-measure timber windows technology.

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All Schnauber timber is sourced from sustainable forest to minimise your timber product’s ecological footprint.



Our expert team carries out all manufacturing with the latest advances in joinery technology.



We can optionally install your timber product, to ensure that its fitting is to as high a quality as the product itself.

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