Aluminium-clad timber windows remove the need for maintenance, as the aluminium cladding resists the impact of long-term weather exposure. Our made-to-order aluminium-clad timber windows take the advantages of timber window frames, including highly efficient thermal performance and longevity, whilst increasing durability.


leaf_element_30Tailored Style

Our aluminum-clad windows can be built to any style, as a casement, sash, tilt and turn, or Passive House certified window.

leaf_element_30Long Lasting

All our timber is treated with non-toxic preservatives and engineered for additional strength to maximize its longevity and prevent warping or decay.

leaf_element_30Maintenance Free

Thanks to our use of high quality aluminium that resists weather factors, our window frames do not require additional maintenance.

leaf_element_30High Level of Security

Our investment in the latest developments in locking technologies and designs ensures a high level of security from intruders.

leaf_element_30Environmentally Friendly

The production of timber is carbon-neutral and actively reduces the impact of the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

leaf_element_30High Thermal Efficiency

Coupled with the natural insulating properties of timber, our aluminum-clad windows have excellent air-tightness and insulating properties.

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Our windows can be finished with a variety of coatings and the latest in water-resistant paint technology to create an unlimited palette of available colours.



We offer a variety of timbers from engineered softwoods and hardwoods to the latest developments in laminate technology, such as CLT and LVL, ensuring the integrity of your windows.



We use the latest hinges and fittings that match your design, allowing you to adjust the opening style, opening distance, and amount of ventilation offered by your windows.



Our windows are available with both double and triple glazing to maximize thermal efficiency.

How we make our timber windows?

High quality aluminium lends decades worth of extra life to timber windows. Schnauber’s alu wood windows combine the ruggedness of metal with intricately crafted timber to add new appeal to any property. Sourced from sustainable forests, engineered with famed German machines and styled to a British aesthetic, aluminium timber windows from Schnauber match every architecture style. Available as casement, sash, tilt and turn or passive house windows, the timber and aluminum window is an ever-green window style that will suit all décor. As an add-on, you will enjoy a rich colour range, CLT or LVL laminates, ironmongery of your preference, very modern safety mechanisms and double or triple glazing for very cool looks and surroundings.

Steps for your new window


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All Schnauber timber is sourced from sustainable forest to minimise your timber product’s ecological footprint.



Our expert team carries out all manufacturing with the latest advances in joinery technology.



We can optionally install your timber product, to ensure that its fitting is to as high a quality as the product itself.

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