With so many different types of windows, and finishes, on the market it can be quite daunting trying to work out what window would work best for you.  At Schnauber we do not supply uVPC or aluminium window frames. We specialise in timber windows and offer a broad range of both soft and hardwoods. You will find there is plenty of choice for you to find the perfect wooden windows to enhance your home or commercial building.

Schnauber is the only local independent company in Cambridge that can supply Passive House certified timber windows

Our wooden window frames consist of the outer frame and a sash frame that holds the glass panes in place.  Every component of our windows is fully customisable – from the size of the window frame to the way in which the window opens to the amount of air it lets through your house  – everything can  be all be tailored to suit your needs and style.

Advantage of timber windows


Our bespoke wooden windows are designed with the environment in mind. All the timber used to produce Schnauber wooden window frames comes from responsible and sustainable sources and is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).   We mainly we use European Redwood or Oak. The production of timber is carbon-neutral and actively reduces the impact of the greenhouse effect by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Our manufacturing processes produce three times less CO2 than our competitors and we use only environmentally friendly paints and preservatives to ensure your wooden window frames are non-toxic.

leaf_element_30Built to last

The timber windows we create are built with the future in mind. Timber is perfect to paint and stain, meaning your windows will always look great, no matter the colour or staining style you select.  Schnauber timber is treated with non-toxic preservatives and engineered for additional strength to maximise its longevity and prevent warping or decay.   The average life expectancy of our timber windows is around 70 years.

leaf_element_30LOW MAINTENANCE

Thanks to our use of high quality, water sealed finishes Schnauber wooden window frames only need minimal work every 5 to 10 years to maintain their look.


Schnauber timber windows meet a high standard of safety and security – built to keep out the worst that life throws at them. Investment in the latest developments in locking technologies and designs ensures a high level of security from intruders. You can have the peace of mind that your wooden windows have all the features required to protect your home and loved ones or your commercial building and assets.

leaf_element_30Custom made

Every Schnauber product is custom-made to suit your needs, whatever they might be. No matter the job our team has the capability to design and build the perfect wooden windows to transform your home or commercial building.

leaf_element_30Great look

Our custom designed windows have only one thing in common – they all look great. Our talented designers have a wealth of experience in designing and constructing timber frames that are functional as well as fashionable. The high performance of timber is matched only by its attractive grain pattern and rustic, traditional style.

leaf_element_30Natural warming

The timber we use is a natural insulator. This means that our wooden window frames do not just keep your home or commercial building secure, they reduce the cost of heating bills by preventing the unnecessary loss of heat through the window frames. Your home can lock in heat and keep out the cold with no extra effort.

leaf_element_30Less waste

Our lamination machinery process, in which we bond multiple layers of timber to form strong, warp-proof sheets, ensures our windows are strong and no material goes to waste.

Types of timber

What exactly does soft and hardwood mean?

Years ago timber window frames were made from untreated softwoods, which decayed and rotted, thanks to paint and bad weather. This led to the introduction of cheap plastic and metal window frames.  At Schnauber we use hardwoods and treated softwoods for our wooden window frames.  This material offers the benefits of a metal or plastic window frame, such as durability and environmental friendliness, whilst maintaining a beautiful wooden aesthetic.  You can choose from a broad range of woods to ensure the right look for your home.

How we make timber windows?

Schnauber is the wood windows and doors manufacturer of choice for making high-end, durable and environmentally friendly house wood windows and custom timber doors. The range of timber products satisfies every need – from exterior wood windows (casement, sash, tilt and turn) to custom wood doors (entrance, French, patio, bifold). Whether individual requirements or for large projects, we know how to make a timber door or window. Our window or door wood passes through rigorous and meticulously supervised German engineering process and in-house treatment. Engineered timber with finger and box joint technology shines further when treated with waterproof sealants, coatings and CLT or LVL laminates. Our bespoke timber windows and doors are crafted with the selected designs and made with rigid adherence to chosen specifications. Timber used by Schnauber is sourced from sustainable forests, and causes least impact to the environment.

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