Our bespoke timber French doors provide your home or commercial building with more light and space. Timber French doors add a continental look to your home or commercial building, which can be adjusted to fit seamlessly into the façade of your property, whether matching the style and look of your property’s existing windows and doors or having a unique design.


leaf_element_30Flexible Design

we take your specifications and design input to create your bespoke timber French doors.

leaf_element_30Long Lasting

we employ modern preservatives and engineering processes, including LVL and CLT, to exceed the natural durability of timber and reduce the impact of decay.

leaf_element_30Low Maintenance

modern waterproof coatings and sealants limit the effects of weather on your bespoke French doors, meaning they only require minimal work every five to ten years.

leaf_element_30High Thermal Efficiency

our timber French doors maximise the natural insulating properties of timber and are tightly sealed, with your choice of window glazings to further enhance thermal performance.

leaf_element_30High Level of Security

Schnauber bespoke French doors use only the most effective multi-point locking mechanisms and modern security hinges to reduce risks to your home or commercial building.

leaf_element_30Environmentally Friendly

our French doors use timber from carbon-neutral sources to minimise the impact of production on the environment.

leaf_element_30Beautiful Wooden Aesthetic

our timber French doors come in your choice of engineered soft and hardwoods, that all offer durability and strength with a variety of wooden aesthetics.

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Our timber French doors can be finished with a variety of coatings and the latest in water-resistant paint technology to create an unlimited palette of available colours.



We offer a variety of timbers, from engineered softwoods and hardwoods to the latest developments in laminate technology, such as CLT and LVL that ensure the integrity of your doors.



We use the latest hinges and fittings that match your design, allowing you to adjust the mode of operation of your door.



Our timber French doors are available with both double and triple glazing, to maximize thermal efficiency.

How we make our timber doors?

While your taste for French timber doors speaks for itself, Schnauber works behind-the-scenes to offer some of the finest wooden French doors that keep interiors warm and well lit. Our excellence in finger joint wood work produces timber of great strength and versatility. Ground work done, our craftsmen use waterproof coatings, sealants and CLT or LVL laminates to produce timber doors that display remarkable thermal insulation properties as well as flexibility to mould them to your specifications. We use multi-point locking systems to make hardwood French doors burglar-proof. For extra cool surroundings, we provide triple glazing to keep the ‘u’ factor low. The Schnauber wood French door is the work of refined taste in engineering and aesthetics that will give you long lasting value for money.

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All Schnauber timber is sourced from sustainable, renewable firms to minimise your timber product’s ecological footprint.



Our expert team carries out all manufacturing with the latest advances in joinery technology.



We can optionally install your timber product, to ensure that its fitting is to as high a quality as the product itself.

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