Schnauber timber doors are made with your home or commercial building in mind. They are designed and manufactured to meet our rigorous quality standards and we guarantee your door will be of the standard you would expect from the Schnauber brand. If you require a wooden entrance door, patio door, French doors or a bifold door we can help.

Whatever style of wooden door you are looking for, whether it is a single door, a sliding door, or a half stable door, our team of skilled craftsmen is ready to work closely with you to construct the perfect entranceway that looks beautiful from both inside and out.

Advantage of timber doors


All the timber we use to produce our wooden doors comes from responsible and sustainable sources. Our custom doors are designed with the environment in mind.

leaf_element_30Built to last

We use only environmentally friendly paints and wood stain to make sure that your wooden door is non-toxic and will last for many years to come.

leaf_element_30Less waste

The process we use to produce our timber doors involves wood machine lamination. The timber is reformed into strong, warp-proof sheets with no cut-off pieces going to waste.

leaf_element_30Custom made

Every Schnauber product is built to order, no matter how small or large the job. Our artists and craftsmen work with you to design and construct the ideal door to suit your residence or commercial building.


Our wooden doors meet a high standard of safety features. Our bespoke doors employ the latest innovations in locking mechanisms and use strong and durable timber to maintain the integrity of your home or commercial building.

leaf_element_30Great look

If you are looking for a bespoke wooden door that looks great, regardless of architectural style you are in the right place. Our team of craftsmen is committed to creating doors that are highly functional without sacrificing aesthetics.

leaf_element_30Natural warming

We maximise the thermal properties of our timber through the use of the latest coatings and paints. Our timber doors maintain high airtightness whilst preventing the unnecessary loss of heat, which leads to a more comfortable building and reduced energy bills.

Types of timber

Just like our window frames, Schnauber wooden doors are made from only the best quality hardwoods and treated softwoods. The quality of the raw materials we use ensure not only a beautiful look but also a sturdy entrance that will endure even under poor weather conditions.

Schnauber wooden doors work as excellent insulating units. The door itself is constructed from a laminate material, composed of multiple layers to ensure that your door works as both a natural insulator and as strong protection for your home or commercial building. All our doors are then treated, stained, and painted to the highest possible standards to leave them looking beautiful, even after years of strenuous use.

How we make timber doors?

Schnauber is the wood windows and doors manufacturer of choice for making high-end, durable and environmentally friendly house wood windows and custom timber doors. The range of timber products satisfies every need – from exterior wood windows (casement, sash, tilt and turn) to custom wood doors (entrance, French, patio, bifold). Whether individual requirements or for large projects, we know how to make a timber door or window. Our window or door wood passes through rigorous and meticulously supervised German engineering process and in-house treatment. Engineered timber with finger and box joint technology shines further when treated with waterproof sealants, coatings and CLT or LVL laminates. Our bespoke timber windows and doors are crafted with the selected designs and made with rigid adherence to chosen specifications. Timber used by Schnauber is sourced from sustainable forests, and causes least impact to the environment.

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