Here at Schnauber, we work closely with homeowners, contractors, and businesses to ensure the quick and quality production and supply of Schnauber timber doors and windows. All Schnauber timber products are built to match customer specifications, which means there is no job too big or too small, ranging from large commercial projects to a single window frame to put the finishing touch on your home.

Key Benefits of Schnauber Products

leaf_element_30We design with your project in mind.

leaf_element_30We have a talented team with a wealth of experience and expertise.

leaf_element_30Our timber products are natural insulators, which keeps your home warm.

leaf_element_30We do any project, no matter how large or small – just ask for a quote!

leaf_element_30We build to your specifications.

leaf_element_30We have the latest German technologies to build and finish your door or window to the highest standard.

leaf_element_30Our timber products ensure the security of your home.

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Supply only

Our wealth of commercial experience means we are ready to cooperate closely with you, providing our expertise to create the exact timber product you envision. We work with the latest German technologies, which means your door or window is not only of the quality you would expect from the Schnauber brand, but will also have a fast turnaround, so we can supply you with your perfect door or window when you need it.

Supply and fitting

Here at Schnauber, we know that designing and constructing your timber window or door is only half the job. We also offer a fitting service, meaning we can either just supply or both supply and fit your timber product to maximise its insulation and ensure its security. Since all Schnauber timber doors and windows are built to match your specifications, fitting our products is quick and painless, as not only do our products look as though they were designed to fit right into your home or commercial building – they actually were.

Why Schnauber?

Like all our products, Schnauber is a company built to work for you. We have a huge spread of commercial experience in both public and private sectors, and our talented team of designers and craftsmen ensures that the design, construction, supply, and optional fitting of your timber door or window is completed to the high degree that you deserve and expect. We work closely with you to ensure a high level of quality and polish, so our timber products will continue to operate perfectly and look beautiful from the first day of use and for many years after.

Schnauber is the high-performance joinery company, tailored to you, and invested in high-end technologies and proven construction methods with a handcrafted finish. Schnauber products are not just right for you; they’re built for you.

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